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Sex sells. Das weiß ja wohl jeder.  Weiterlesen „Orange & Titties“


A Tribute in dance for Paula Rego, ‚Artist of the Extraordinary‘.

Gerade eben entdeckt beim Durchstöbern der Bilder im Netz von Paula Rego. Sehr schön!

50 Years in Dance


‚Dancing Ostriches‘ (1995)

I wish to try to thank Paula by  sending her a message in my language of dance.  Paula was born in Portugal, and so I commence with a sound of Portugal, the Fado;

Here is a Life Painting from 1954 of a woman. Perhaps, one would say that the life of universal womanhood was to become a primary concern: 


‚Life Painting‘  1954, Oil on Canvas.


‚Unidentified No. 1‘ , 1998.


Girl Reading (2002) , lithograph.

Since 1996 Anthony Rudolf has been Paula’s friend, companion and principal male model on her journey. He is depicted here in ‚The Company of Women‘ (1997).


The Company of Women (1997).

In her Triptych after ‚Marriage a la Mode‘ by Hogarth (1999), Anthony’s position is made to resemble Christ in Michelangelo’s  ‚Pieta‘ in the Vatican:


There is another variation on this theme:


Wendy under the Ground (1992)

Lindsay Kemp:

War 2003 by Paula Rego born 1935

‚War‘ (2003)


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